I'm an artist & illustrator based in Bucharest, Romania. After graduating from the National Academy of Arts in Bucharest I specialized in book illustration and have gathered a very diverse portfolio from multiple publishing houses in a very short time. I use a combination of hand techniques (watercolor, gouache) and digital, and I like to vary my mediums quite often.

I'm inspired by the wonders of nature and our place on the planet, our communion with everything that surrounds us, be it animate or inanimate. My themes vary from animals and plants to people and urban landscapes. Dream projects that keep me awake at night include editorial work (from flickering screens to colorful magazines) and book illustration for both children and adults who never stop dreaming.

Most of my free time is spent reading and sitting with my furry friends (ok, and maybe sometimes with my not so furry friends as well).


For work in progress and glimpses of my studio you can find me at @yannazosmer on Instagram.